Blue Rock Outfitters. Broadus, Montana. Mule Deer and Antelope Hunts

Blue Rock Outfitters

Hunts & Rates

When you arrive you will get settled in and aquainted with the staff. A guide will assist you sighting in your equipment. The evening before the hunt we will have a meeting to discuss rules and policies of the hunt. Your day will begin with coffee and rolls in the morning. We will then travel to different locations and begin hunting at day break. We return to camp for a mid morning breakfast and then return hunting for the remainder of the day. Once back at camp, we will have a large supper and listen to all the big buck stories.

Weather and Terrain

When it comes to weather, be prepared! Dress in layers. You can always take more off as you hunt. September you can expect 90 degree weather to a possibility of light snow showers. November you can expect it to be cold. A good idea is to check the 10 day forecast prior to departing for the trip.

Click here for current weather conditions for Broadus, Montana.

Southeastern Montana’s terrain varies from river bottoms to mountainous buttes. Most places can be accessed by four wheel drives, but you can be sure there are areas where a guy has to hoof it. We can accomodate to any hunter’s capabilities.

Blue Rock Outfitters follows all rules and regulations set forth by Montana Fish, Game & Parks.

Click Here to view Montana’s game regulations.


What to Bring

• Preferred caliber .270 & up

• Stocking cap, warm gloves, cotton & wool socks, long underwear

• Warm water resistant hunting boots

• Personal toiletries

• Insulated coat & pants

• Hunting License & Conservation stamp

• 400 square inches of orange for rifle hunters


Post Hunt Services

• In the field, the guide will field dress the game in an appropriate location.

• If taking the meat home, we have accomodations to cut meat into manageable portions for transport.

• We have excellent local processors for professional processing.

• Game may be donated to the hungry at the processor for a fee.

• If taxidermy is needed we have excellent local taxidermists.




Rifle Hunt Prices

Deer only (whitetail or muley) $4400 4 days
Deer/Antelope Combo $5400 4 days
Antelope only $2600 3 days

Archery Hunts

Deer only (whitetail or muley) $3800 5 days
Deer/Antelope Combo $4800 5 days
Antelope Only $2200 4 days

Spring Hunts

Spring Turkey $2150 4 bird hunt      $2500 5 bird hunt 4 days
Prairie Dogs $275/day

Ride Alongs available at $150 per day

$750 Extra to request 1×1 guide ratio

All Hunts include lodging, meals, and guide.

Pick up at Gillette, WY airport and return $60 round trip.

License Fee not included

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